Where does time go?  Nowhere, time is not an object to send to a place…..

Where do the memories go that our complex brains keep of each day and each significant event?  They get filed away and lost due to the always moving construct of time itself.  That is to say, time is always moving forward and yet we are always trying to slow it down and stop it.  Why?  Well, I don’t know why and I am definitely not going to attempt to explain all that here and now.  What I will tell you instead is that I look back at my life 2 years ago and I am in total disbelief.  Where did it go?   IMG_2036 2

2 years ago on this date I was in a helicopter that was 100 feet above the ocean, buzzing the archipelago of the Florida Keys.  The pilot, Abi, was busy dodging the masts of the sailboats beneath us as we accelerated over the lime green waters and sand banks.  Climbing over the hard deck, the heli banked steeply and began to make the turn towards the mainland. Everything else in life slipped away as I was watching the water beneath me and the dots of islands ahead.  And before I knew it, Abi was in communication with Ground Control and we were making our final approach into Key West.  It was over, seemingly as fast as it began.  But the memory remains.

Fast forward 2 years exactly…. The yearlong roadtrip long behind me.  I have since sold the truck and the Airstream and settled down a bit.  I bought property and a home that I have been working tirelessly on since taking the keys in my hand….. wait, did I say ‘settled down’ a second ago???  Ok, so I haven’t settled down at all.  In fact, despite the fact I am celebrating my 37th year on this planet, I am far from ‘settled down.’  Even as I write these words my mind drifts off to the next place I will visit.  I can’t wait.

Point is, Time doesn’t control me.  Time is not something I have lost.  Time is something I cherish and Thank God for every day.  Time is just a word that I have already spent too much time talking about…. Go make the most of yours today!



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