Lately, I have been struggling to get videos completed as my “temporary settled life” has caught up with me.  Between working two jobs in order to raise money for the next big adventure as well as training for some upcoming paddle events, it seems like I just can’t catch up.  I have a million things I want to share with you and I just cannot find the time to get it published.  That being said, I was digging through one of my many drives looking for videos from Canada for a current video project and I stumbled upon some great pictures.  Back as I was winding down my time in Canada, I had the privilege of meeting a group of women from Salt Lake City who were visiting Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta.   I will never forget the laughs we had that afternoon.


I had just completed a long paddle across Cameron Lake, where I paddled from Canada into the US and then back.  I was pulling up to the docks at the north end of the lake and was approached by a group of women who seemed very curious as to what I was paddling.  I began talking to them about the Prone board and how much fun I have had paddling it all over on this roadtrip.   I love sharing the sport with others and wasted no time in explaining how and why I do it.  I offered  the chance to paddle the board, as I do for a lot of people I meet, and they took me up without hesitation.  I love the fact they jumped at the opportunity to try something new, especially since the water of Cameron Lake was nothing close to warm.  It was pretty much right then and there that I knew I would enjoy my time with these intrepid ladies.


WomenofWaterton-00006So, after a quick demo and a couple pointers, they were off!  Each one taking turns, paddling out and adjusting their balance to the board.  Their smiles and laughter was contagious.  I had a great time watching them learn and try out this new experience.  When they fell in, they would come up laughing despite the cold glacial water.
While one was out trying the board, the rest of us kept entertained on the dock.  We shared stories from our road trips and talked about life.  We even had a plank competition and a mini dance off.  It was a chance encounter that I will always remember.


Megan, Betsy, Jena and Mikell :  Thank you for sharing your journey with me and for being awesome fun-loving adventurers.  Hopefully our paths will cross again soon.







Special Thank you to Megan for the amazing pictures (all taken by her) and to Surftech USA for allowing me to be a part of an amazing team and continue to introduce new people to a sport that I love!

Want to grab your own board and get out and explore?  Head over to Surftech to take a look at some sweet options.  If you have any questions about it or are new to paddling feel free to hit me up and I will do my best to answer any questions you may have!

Side Note- I do not work for this company and do not make any money for this.  I just  love the brand, the boards they make and the sport itself!


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