Well if you caught the last Vlog I posted… You already know I couldn’t make it to the place I had planned to stay for 2 weeks in British Columbia.  Wells Grey Provincial Park and Bowrun Lakes Park were both shut down due to severe forest fires.  That left me with a bit of a twizzler… I decided to go with a new (No Plan Just Drive) plan.  I slept in the abandoned parking lot of the Visitors Center at Wells Grey and took to the maps!  Initially my trip plan didn’t have me going that far north due to time, but now I had almost 2 weeks of free time.  With every campground to the south completely booked, I looked north.  And I didn’t just look in the immediate area… I looked WAY North!  After about an hour scoping out my options, I decided to wing it.  I just started driving.

Hours Later…

North of a small town named McBride in British Columbia lies a very beautiful untouched lake. If you hadn’t spent an hour studding a Topo map of BC you wouldn’t even know it was there.  La Salle Lake is tucked away off of the Yellowhead Hwy and is completely untouched other than a few primitive campsites on the west side. I decided to explore this area for a few days and enjoy some paddling. The lake was mine outside of a few people stopping in to see it and then leaving.

The weather had turned, it was raining and the temps had dropped off.  Of course that didn’t stop me from paddling and exploring this amazing place.  Even took the occasional swim in my private lake.  This was definitely an amazing place.

Thinking about camping here?  There is only one campsite that has direct water access and you will see it when you get there.  There is no reservations and this is very primitive.  If you get lucky like me, you will have this place to yourself!

If you haven’t checked out my other spots yet you can find them here:

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Music: Sublab “Polarity Waves”

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