After crossing into Canada it was on to the busy city of Vancouver. I couldn’t get a campsite at a nearby park so it was parking lot / city street camping for a few days while I stocked up and prepared to head In-Country. Despite loving my time in Vancouver I was ready to head north into the Wilds of British Columbia.

Awesome things to do In and Around Vancouver:

  • Check out the city by renting bikes and taking your own tour – Don’t forget to grab some ice-cream from the local shops
  • Explore Stanley Park – a huge beautiful park nestled into the corner of the city
  • Sunset Beach and Kitsilano Beach – Both offer amazing views and bike/walking paths
  • Cypress Provincial Park – Just an hour north of Vancouver and worth the drive
  • Horseshoe Bay & Bowen Island – A must see
  • Bike to the University of British Columbia – A long one but scenic
  • Granville Island – If you don’t mind the crowds, check out the Market on Granville Island
  •  Capilano Suspension Bridge – Walk the suspension bridge through temperate rainforests
  •  Vancouver Seaplane Tour – Hey if you can afford it… Why not?!

If you haven’t checked out my other spots yet you can find them here:

UnknownINSTAGRAM     UnknownFACEBOOK     Unknown-1 YOUTUBE

Huge Thank You to Simplify Recordings for allowing the use of this song by The Jackass ft. Limekid. You can check them out here…. Soundcloud  iTunes

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