After a great 4th of July in Seattle I was off to the Olympic Penninsula and the Pacific Coastline. I camped near Ozette and ended up doing an incredible 9.2 mile hike out to Cape Alava to catch the sun setting into the ocean.  Watch the video through to the end to catch one of my favorite sunsets I have been able to capture in Time Lapse!!


Details on the Hike:

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 12.03.43 PM.png
I circled the start point and drew a line showing the triangle loop trail.
Total Distance is 9.5 miles.  There is camping permits available if you can get one and the campsites are primitive back country spots right on the beach.  Bears are prevalent here so be prepared with food storage ect.
Note:  The tides here are huge so if you want to see tide pools or grab footage like I did in the video, you will want to plan to hike at low tide.


Special Thanks to Simplify Recordings for allowing me to feature this song by AEON. You can check out more HERE  and their YouTube is HERE 

Get Outside and Go Explore!!

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