With Wes and Nick on board it was off to Yosemite.  We passed though the Sierra Nevada Range and then into Yosemite through the East Gate.

East Yosemite
East side and (far less crowded side) of Yosemite

After leaving Yosemite we hit the coast north of Big Sur and then made our way up into San Francisco and from there, on though Point Reyes and up into Oregon.

Wes and some guy that wouldn’t get out of the shot haha.


The beautiful California Coastline
My favorite mode of transportation when in San Francisco
Grabbing an Uber in San Fran
Nick and the cliffs of Alamere Falls 
This was a great hike and the Pacific was beautiful
Upper Alamere Falls after Wes and I went in the upper waterfall.
A Historic Lighthouse on the California Coast
Last stop before heading into Oregon… we see water, we go in water!

Part 3 will cover Oregon and Washington.  I will publish that in a few days so please check back.

You can also head over to the ExpeditionAnderson Facebook Page and Instagram Page for tons of additional content not published here!   Hope you are enjoying the 2016 road trip!


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