First Night camping in the Airstream Travel Trailer – Fort Desoto State Park FL

Over the last week I have been pouring through all of the external hard drives I have collected over the last 2 years of traveling.  I originally started searching all of the drives in order to compile some pictures for a new Video Intro I am slowly piecing together.  But while I was going through everything I realized I have so many pictures I wanted to share.


Day 1 – Leaving Florida

So, while I am still making videos on my 2017 road trip (and yes there are still a ton left) I thought it would be cool to share some of my favorite pictures from the 2016 road trip that I took with my friends Nick and Wes.   For those new to the blog, Nick and I departed  Tampa Florida back in July of 2016 on a whirlwind trek across the United States.  Wes joined up with us in Nevada and travelled for over a week.  Nick was riding shotgun for a whole month and then had to fly home, leaving me to complete the crazy 3 month road trip around the US solo.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip…


Part 1- Florida to the Sierra Nevada Range

On the Road with Nick
Airboat in the Bayous of Louisiana – That was awesome!
Leaving Texas and entering New Mexico – There were no lights visible as far as the eye could see.
Nick and I did a Wild Cave Tour in Carlsbad Caverns
Nick emerging from the depths.  This cave system is incredible.
Camping in New Mexico under the Milky Way
Heading to the Grand Canyon
South Rim – Grand Canyon
Hiking Bright Angel Trail 
This is how Nick rests while hiking the Grand Canyon… on a ledge with nothing below him….
Back on the road… Next up Vegas to pick up Wes
Sierra Nevada Range – Wes joined up with us in Vegas.

Part 2 will cover Yosemite and the trek up the West Coast.  I will publish that in a few days so please check back.

You can also head over to the ExpeditionAnderson Facebook Page and Instagram Page for tons of additional content not published here!



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