Well the holidays are finally over and I can get back to work on my adventure.  I feel like I have been so busy and it has been hard to take 2 weeks off from video editing but wanted to enjoy my time with family and friends!  But I AM BACK!

Picking up where I left off…. From the Oregon coastline I continued my journey north.  I arrived in Portland and grabbed a hotel for a few nights so I could explore the city and visit with friends!  I even got the paddle board out and did an awesome paddle down the river into the heart of downtown!  More on that next!

Also working on a very important update Blog/Vlog to give you all a feel for whats in store for 2018!!  It is going to be BIG so stick around for that!

Special Thanks to:  

-Simplify Recordings for allowing me to feature this song by AJF!  If you like this song or want to hear more head over to Simplify Recordings to find more!

-The Marriot Residence Inn.  I don’t normally go out of my way to talk about lodging here as I am always staying in my Airstream but the people at this hotel were just awesome.  I actually got a ton of great advice from the ladies at the front desk as well as a room upgrade.  If you are ever in Portland… this is definitely worth a visit!

-I’d also like to thank my friend Andie for the amazing tour of Portland and for taking me to a really cool brewery downtown.  I had a blast and hope to visit her again soon!

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