This video is dedicated to all of the people I have had the honor of paddling with. I have met so many amazing and inspiring people in this sport and will always call them my friends!

I wanted to name a few people I wasn’t able to get in this video (either because I didn’t have a camera on or I simply don’t have the footage anymore) …. Lacie Laundrie, Sarah Hunt, Raph Ruiz, Bailey Rosen, Megan Bjerkestrand, Tom Jones, and so many others. Big Thanks to Mark Goethel for hooking me up with the footage from Northern Michigan!


Huge Thank You to SURFTECH USA and everyone on this awesome Team I am so thankful to be a part of. I can’t wait to paddle with every one of you in the coming years!

Also, Big Shout Out to Team Ocean of Hope! You are doing great things and I am proud to show my support!! Aimee you owe me a paddle!

Hope this video inspires you to get out, hit the water and explore this beautiful world!!

Music License : AurusAudio
Purchase ID# 19817345 – Envato Market
I purchased full rights for use of this audio in distribution

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