This is an Original Piece I wrote for Surftech USA which I loved so much I wanted to share with you here!

Pic 2

Lake Crescent – Olympic National Park – WA


Located on the northern edge of Olympic National Park in Washington, this lake is surrounded by mountains and forest!  With a maximum depth of 596 feet and a total length of just under 12 miles, this lake is perfect for those looking for a short paddle or a long distance one.  Best part, you can camp at Fairholme Campground on the West side and if you’re lucky, get a site right on the water!


Jenny Lake – Grand Tetons National Park – WY

If you want an amazing view look no further.  Jenny Lake is located inside Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.  The lake is crystal clear and over 400 feet deep.  Paddle along the shoreline to the ferry dock on the west side and you can then take a small walk to an amazing waterfall.

Pic 4

I paddled this lake 6 times while visiting the Tetons and never saw another person paddling.  The lake is yours!


Lake McDonald – Glacier National Park – MT

Located in the heart of Glacier National Park in Montana, this is one not to miss.  Those wanting to have a scenic and more relaxed paddle can put in on the south side at Apgar Village and enjoy paddling along the forest and rock formations.  After paddling you can check into a hotel room right on the water or check out the ice-cream shops for a treat.  Want to challenge yourself?  The lake is 10 miles long, so a down and back paddle puts you right at 20!  Wait until you see this view.

Pic 6

Lake Michigan – WI, IL, IN, MI

The best of the 5 Great Lakes and almost the same size as the state of West Virginia.  Lake Michigan is not as well known to those that don’t live near its beautiful waters.  From surfing (yes there is absolutely barrels to be had on this lake) to paddling along giant sand dune bluffs on the Michigan side to enjoying the Chicago skyline on the Illinois side, there is something on this lake for everyone to love!

Pic 7

Nothing compares to a summer day on Lake Michigan.

Pic 8

Lewis Lake – Yellowstone National Park – WY 

Located in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Lewis Lake has active hot springs and geothermal vents with bubbling cauldrons on the western shore.  If you are looking for a really cool adventure, put in on the south side of the lake and paddle along the western shore and up into the Lewis Channel (a 4 mile river connecting it to Shoshone Lake).  Where else are you going to see Buffalo and bubbling hot springs while you paddle?

What are you waiting for??  Get out and explore these amazing places as soon as you can!  Want to paddle?  Grab the best boards out there… SURFTECH / NSP / BARK

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