IMG_5127I last left you as I was hiking down the mountain in Mesa Verde (Vlog 24).  I didn’t have time to show you all of the other things I was able to do and see there.  So I wanted to take a second and paint the rest of that picture.

Mesa Verde is an amazing National Park.  It is not a very famous park as far as some go but I can tell you that it is definitely worth a trip!

Not only are there some amazing hikes to do (ones that aren’t crowded with a line of people or a packed shuttle van) but there are a lot of unique things to see as well.  There are several places you can go to check out the ruins of the cliff dwellings that once occupied the mountains.  Just looking down on them from the viewing platform will fill you with awe and wonderment as to how they were created all that time ago.  It’s incredible to me, the infrastructure that was present so long ago.


What’s even more impressive than the cliff dwellings at this National Park is the views to be had from the roads, lookouts and hikes.  The sunsets I witnessed were truly humbling.  So whether you enjoy hiking or just driving through the parks, this place has something for you and should most definitely be on your list of must see parks in the US.




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