I could not wait to get back into the Cave System at Carlsbad Cave National Park in New Mexico.  For those that have been following since this blog started you will remember I hit Lower Cave with my buddy Nick last year.  This year is something truly special.  4 times a month, the National Park will allow a small group of 8 people including two guides, to spelunk Spider Cave!  I was one of the 8 and I was so excited.

This cave is not attached to the main cave.  We had to drive to a trail head, luckily a small family adopted me and was nice enough to drive me since my cousin Meg had my keys and was already exploring a different area in the main cave system.  This family was so awesome, I hope they are doing well as I had the privilege of spending a lot of time with them through the rest of the day.

After parking, we were on foot as we scrambled down a path into the valley below.  The cave entrance was a small hole in the ground with a locked gate over it.  It was shoulder width and directly at the base of the ladder, it was crawling for a good distance just to get to a place you could stand up.  There are no lights inside the cave other than the ones we were wearing on our head (and the backup light in my pocket – because I am always prepared.). What an amazing adventure.  It truly is an amazing cave and it is not worn out like the main cave system from all of the yearly visitors.

Huge Thank You to SpiffyMan for allowing me to feature the song in this video.  You can purchase this song and others on iTunes HERE.

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