After leaving Big Bend National Park, my cousin Megan and I arrived at Guadalupe National Park and set up camp.  The park was blanketed in snow the night before and it was still very cold.  Despite the night time temperature hitting 33 degrees and the daytime only reaching 45/50 we still had a blast.

The video on the hike is short as the majority of my footage wasn’t usable due to extreme wind noise.  Despite my best efforts to clean up the audio you couldn’t understand what I was saying.  The wind was crazy, especially on the mountain.  Guadalupe Mountain is the highest peak in Texas.

For those of you interested in how I continue to eat clean and meal prep despite living full-time on the road…. You will want to watch after the credits.  I take you on a complete behind the scenes look at the Camp Kitchen and do a full meal prep in under two minutes.  Check it out!

Huge Thank You to Secession Studios for allowing me to feature this song.  I love using these songs for my videos because it helps illustrate the grandeur of our National Parks.  The Secession has been beyond kind for allowing my continued use of this music.  You can purchase this song and others on iTunes as well as through the website at

For more information on The Southwest Disc …  a.k.a. The Cowboy Cooker …    Stay healthy my friends.


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