Back to the Blog.  I did some writing over the last couple days and it felt good to be back on the keyboard, typing my heart out.  I will probably post again before Saturday even.  I spent some time last night trying to make room on my computer and transfer pictures and movies to one of my many standalone hard drives and I realized I have a lot of pictures to share.  So todays post is going to be just that.  Hope you enjoy some of my favorites from the road so far.

This was the start of my year and couldn’t be more true.  So Stoked for all the adventures I will have and have had so far this year.  Truly Amazing.
3rd National Park of the year was truly an amazing and unique experience!  70 miles off the coast of Key West this park was as remote as it gets.
Saying my good-bye to the Florida Keys.  After a couple months of island hopping it was time to move on to the rest of the trip!
Last stop as I was leaving Florida… The Devils Den at Ginnie Springs
Hot Springs National Park
Storms moving over the Texas Plains
Amazing Northern Arizona Sunset

Next Up…  Going Vertical in Guadalupe National Park – Vlog 22

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