IMG_3645Let me start by saying that I realize the blog post last week got a little deep.  To all my subscribers that have the attention span of a 3-year-old at ToysRUs, rest assured this should be an easy read.  *Not an insult, I happen to love ToysRUs.  Anyway, I got distracted.

So it is only fitting with my trek across North America already underway, that I share some of the music I have been blasting through the open windows of my truck.  These songs are all over the map as far as musical taste is concerned and should absolutely be combined with the songs found in Part 1 (for those of you that may have missed it, feel free to click HERE ).  It’s time for Part 2:

  1.  The RevivalistsSoul Fight
    • A beautiful song for a beautiful drive
  2.  Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersA Face in the Crowd
    • I have said before, it isn’t a road trip without Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.  It’s just not.  I won’t go.
  3.  Everything but the GirlMissing
    • This song popped up on my iPhone 1 (yes I still rock the iPhone 1- great for music in my truck or on a paddle.  If it finally dies… then I’ll break out iPhone2 or maybe the first iPod)
  4.  Kip MooreCrazy One More Time
    • Every time this song comes on I think back to days of old, look to the future or stop what I am doing and belt out the lyrics… or all of the above
  5.  Counting CrowsOmaha
    • Another song for singing… loudly.  CC is always good for trips.
  6.  The Dirty River BoysRoad Song
    • Name says it all.  What a kick ass song!  Yes I am slapping my leg to this
  7.  Rolling StonesBeast of Burden
    • Classics need no introduction
  8.  Eric ChurchHomeboy
    • Eric Church is the perfect mix of Rock and Country and should be a serious contender for anyones road trip.
  9.  Spiffy Man ft. ProgleyFarewell (Sauniks Remix)
    • Not sure how I found this song… but damn if it doesn’t get me pumped – you can also find this song in my gym rotation.
  10.  Mumford & Sons ft. Baaba MaalThere will be a time
    • Beautiful song that transports me someplace else
  11.  Bruce Hornsby & The RangeThe Valley Road
    • Songs from childhood should always be a part of a road trip mix
  12.  Zac Brown BandColder Weather 
    • If you watch my Vlogs you may recognize this song – ** Spoiler :  Zac Brown sings it better
  13.  Bob SinclairCinderella 
    • A fun/energetic song that I could play several times in a row
  14.  CakeThe Distance
    • Because I’m going the distance… great song
  15.  KaleoWay Down We Go
    • Deep and foreboding – one of so many good songs by this group
  16.  Dave Matthews BandTwo Step
    • If DMB songs don’t transport me back to one of the many concerts I have attended, they take me back to 7th Grade.  Either way, I am there and loving it.
  17.  Phil CollinsIn the Air Tonight
    • If you haven’t done the air drums to this song while on a road trip … you have more living to do.
  18.  Lyle LovettShe’s already made up her mind
    • The slowest song on my list, this one is both sad and beautiful.  LL is a great storyteller through his music
  19.  Kip MooreWild Ones
    • Just an awesome upbeat song that I can sing at the top of my lungs with the windows down as I drive cross-country!  I’m a wild one!
  20.  Hippie SabotageDrifter
    • The perfect summer song that also has a great vibe to it.

Bonus Song:


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