Conquering the Caribbean follows the adventures of our intrepid explorer and two of his trusty companions as they arrive in the Dry Tortugas, a remote and beautiful Island chain west of the Florida Keys.

The Dry Tortugas is home to Fort Jefferson, once the largest brick masonry forts in America.  My friends Cortney and Kenzie and I set out early to reach the Ferry docks of Key West.  We boarded the Yankee Freedom III and began our adventure into the Dry Tortugas. We had a great time exploring the surrounding reefs as well as the fort itself.  I can now say I have visited the “most remote US National Park.”  Interested in going to Fort Jefferson and the Tortugas?  You can learn more here.


Fortress (ft. Joni Fatori)    by:  Illenium

Music used WITH direct permission from the Record Label Seeking Blue

How many of you guys have had the chance to visit this amazing place?  Leave a comment below and tell me what you enjoyed the most about your trip!  As always, please help me grow by sharing this post on your Facebook or directly with friends.  Head over to YouTube and click that subscribe button to stay current on all my adventures as I travel North America!

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