I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to dive in our amazing ocean with these fine gentlemen.  I have learned so much about something I knew very little about and cannot wait to continue to free dive and hopefully spearfish as well.  It has been amazing.

Music:      The Secession  –  Life Beyond Words      Huge Thank You goes out to Secession Studios for giving me the opportunity to feature another amazing song on this Vlog.  You can check them out at the links below!

Special Thanks to the following:  My friends Tim and Loretta – these guys were awesome enough to welcome a complete stranger (me) into their life on the weekends and allow me to tag along on these spearfishing trips with my buddies Josh and Caleb.  Tim and Loretta, you are both awesome people.  Thank You!

I’d also like to thank Chris Neal and Hammerhead Spearguns.  Chris was my free diving instructor when I took the FII Freediving Course at Bill Jacksons in Clearwater Fl.  I was having, and still do although not near as bad, serious equalization problems with my ears due to sinus issues.  Thanks for having patience and teaching me so much about breathing and dive safety!!

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