An Update Blog:

IMG_3568I was traveling around the Florida Keys. Visiting friends, finding new adventures and then had to put everything on hold.  I was flown up to Clearwater Florida for two days to assist in something connected to my previous employ.  I really cannot discuss anything further on that (cryptic I know, sorry) but I can tell you that everything is ok and I am officially back at it in Key West.  I can also tell you that the Silver Airways flight crew on both legs of journey were amazing!  To my new friends (the Captains and flight crew members… safe travels!)

Being back in Key West, I had the amazing privilege of celebrating my 35 birthday with some awesome friends.  Everyone pitched in and treated me to an awesome dinner and then desert/ drinks on the town.  We took our bicycles from one place to the next and I have to say, I had an absolutely awesome time despite being exhausted from a day spent in court, airports and small planes.

The ultimate surf sled

My time adventuring around the Florida Keys is almost up.  It has been an amazing time here and I have made so many awesome new friends.  Maybe it’s the 35th year that’s getting me all sentimental or the fact I have spent a good deal of time here, but I will definitely miss this place.  So what’s next?  I am hitting the road again.  You can check this out for an overall idea of what’s ahead… 35 for 35   I will cover more details as the day approaches.  North America awaits!


St. Patricks Day shenanigans

For now, I am going to love every minute of my time here with friends, find new places and things to do and look ahead to all of the amazing adventures that await.   I am so thankful for every day on this amazing planet.  I always think back to my crash several years ago.  I am constantly reminded of how fragile this life is and how blessed I am for every minute I get to spend in it.  I thank God for everything I have experienced.  The memories I have been fortunate enough to make and the opportunity to walk down the road ahead (banged up and busted…yes) but with a grateful and happy heart!



IMG_1997 (1)
US Army Special Forces Underwater Operations School (tall building seen in the background)

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