I have to admit, I totally copied someones idea for this.  When I saw a blog about their favorite road trip music, I realized how much music affects my journey.  So, thanks Naomi & Bel (you can check out their blog HERE). I love music and could not imagine my journey across North America without it.  It feeds my soul, creates wonder, makes me happy, reminds me of events in my life, and transports me to another place entirely.  It can wake me up when I am tired and put me to sleep when I am not.  Music is part of me and despite the fact I never learned how to read it or play it, I love it.  It is not an official road trip unless I am singing at the top of my lungs while playing the air drums.  So without further delay:  Here is Part 1 of my Top 20 Songs for a Road Trip!

  1.  Nora En PureCome with me
    • This song is just an awesome song that gets me into that road trip spirit
  2. Fine Young CannibalsShe drives me crazy
    • Going way back to road trips when I was a kid and this was the hot song
  3. Dave Matthews BandWarehouse
    • Awesome jam song – try to find a live version if you can
  4. Chris CagleLet there be cowgirls
    • The first of many country songs on this list and the next – I just like this song
  5. IlleniumSleepwalker (ft. Joni Fatora)
    • I featured this song in my last Vlog – Just an awesome bit of music, so upbeat
  6. MetallicaThe unforgiven II
    • Because it’s Metallica and I can rock out to it
  7. 311Love song
    • I love this song (see what I did there?) but really.  A beautiful cover by 311
  8. Dierks BentleyWhat was I thinking
    • Another great country song that I never grow tired of – I am singing it right now
  9. Van MorrisonInto the mystic 
    • Van is the Man – I love this song and can almost sing it just as good…
  10. BassnectarReaching out
    • An awesome electronic song – gets me pumped up
  11. GenesisTurn it on again
    • Air drums, Air guitar, Air vocals… every time.  Love some Genesis
  12. KatatoniaShifts
    • Moody metal song for rocking out or reflecting?  Not sure which
  13. AzediaSomething ( Rameses B remix )
    • Cheer up!  This song makes me happy!  I love the deep psychology clips added into this song.  “so cheer up” – Alan Watts
  14. Van HalenRight now
    • Good old-fashioned classic rock!
  15. DJ ShadowMidnight in a perfect world
    • This song is just awesome – I can listen to it 5 times in a row.  Shadow is a master at mixing audio bytes and beat break.  So chill
  16. Jason AldeanTake a little ride
    • Another awesome road trippin country jam that I love belting out as I’m cruisin along
  17. Collective SoulShine
    • A must have for any road trip.  Just a kick ass song
  18. BlackmillLet it be (ft. Veela)
    • Perfect for driving through the mountains or the plains.  Just Perfect for driving
  19. Jars of ClayFlood
    • I know the words well and I always sing along to this one.  So uplifting!
  20. Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersRunnin down a dream
    • I refuse to hit the road without some Tom Petty.  Won’t do it.  I can play the Full Moon Fever LP on repeat for hours!  Released in 1989 and I still love it like it just came out and made the top charts!


I was feeling creative today so I made a little road trip video.  It’s not a Vlog, just something I had fun putting together to go with the Top 20 playlist.

I have another Top 20 list for you that I will post ‘down the road a ways’.  More of my favorite road trip songs.  More Air Guitar.  I like doing some different stuff for these Blogs.  This was a very fun post to make.  Although, I spent way too much time sitting here listening to music….




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