January ~ 2017

I am going back on the road!  Some things have come up in the last month that forced a change in plans for me.  Some of the big travel ideas I had compartmentalized due to the serious relationship I was in at the time are now back to the forefront of my mind.  Unfortunately that relationship has come to a close.  There were so many things that I was able to take away from the relationship that have truly made me a better person.  I am beyond thankful for all the time I had with Kendall, the memories we created together, and all of the adventures we had.  I am happy to know that we will be good friends no matter what.  I am excited for her and all of the great things that will come her way this year.  

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Writing about a personal relationship that you care a lot about is not easy.  Even more so, knowing that it is in a public forum like a blog.  But I have worked hard to share my journeys and adventures with you and feel that it is part of my path.  I am also beyond thankful and proud of that relationship and wouldn’t want to paint it in any other light.  Change is never easy.  Walking away from something you care deeply about is hard and painful but it reminds us that we are alive.  It calls for us to better ourselves and bring about a better outcome.   To quote Leo Buscaglia, “Change is the end result of all true learning.”  

Sunset over Sarasota County

So I once again stand in front of an open door.  A door that I have seen before, where the room on the other side is hidden from view.  It is the next adventure.  I am excited for what lies ahead.  A long road with unknown and unexplored destinations.  I know that my path will lead me to happiness.  I know that I can handle anything. It is time to focus on myself and becoming a better version of me.  It is time to form a plan, but do so in such a way that involves no thinking or planning whatsoever.  It is time to be still with just my thoughts.  

Airstream at nightfall

I am sad to leave friends behind as I once again take to the road.  I made so many amazing friends over this last year and I will miss them.  I have been able to experience so many great things as I had settled down in St. Petersburg for a while.  It is very hard to leave that sense of comfort and happiness.  It is hard to leave a place you’ve grown accustomed to.  Much like moving out of your childhood home and into a place in which you are not familiar with.  But as hard as it can be to leave a place behind, it can also be genuinely exciting.  I am excited to meet new friends and be open to new relationships.  

This weekend I am once again hooking my Airstream to the truck and hitting the road.  I am heading south towards the Florida Keys.  I don’t know how long I will be or when I will be back but I do know that no matter what, I will love this journey!

Next up:  The First VLOG (this Saturday)

3 thoughts

  1. Matt, you are doing what so many wish they could or would. Many of us do not like leaving our comfort zone; especially when specifics are not mapped out like the wheres, whens, hows and what ifs. Kudos to you; looking forward to following your travels. …. the keys; not to shabby of a place to begin another new adventure!

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