‘He who is outside his door has the hardest part of his journey behind him.’  – Dutch Proverb

mattandersondecember7blog4The sharp smell of jet fuel filled my nose and lungs as I walked the tarmac to board my plane.   I am excited to embark on yet another journey, this one, more last-minute than any.  I am traveling north for a few days and then catching another flight west to Las Vegas for the weekend.  My amazing cousin had a few Allegiant Airline tickets that were going to expire and was kind enough to offer them to me.  Naturally I gladly accepted with open arms.

View from the outside 

I am excited to once again set foot in the snow that has blanketed my hometown in Michigan.  I will get to see my family and catch up with a few friends.  It will be a quick trip, but one I am excited about nonetheless.  After my adventure in Vegas I will head back to Michigan for a few more days to soak up the winter feeling before heading back to Florida.

Going back to the quote above, I cannot tell you how true this was for me.  I had spent so much time not traveling that the thought of it seemed contrived.  Traveling shouldn’t always be something that requires months out of the year to plan.  While there are numerous trips that come to mind where some serious research and planning would be wise, there are just as many that can be spontaneous.

The Big Airbus 320 Engine

Last minute travel is always fun now.  I realized that in my quest to be awesome at my previous job, I had sacrificed so much personal time.  Time that builds character and personal growth.  It has been my experience that traveling, especially alone, is the best way to learn who you are.  Traveling alone requires you to be somewhat outside of your comfort zone at all times as well as quiet.

‘When you stop what you are doing and stop interacting with others for a minute, you have no choice but to interact with yourself.’      –  me

Next Up….  The New Blog Schedule (and another adventure too)

Parting Shot:

32,000 Feet Up – Heading to Michigan

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