August 11, 2016

Driving east towards Fargo North Dakota I found myself approaching a major storm system.  It was actually two converging systems, one on the north side of the highway and one on the south.  Weather forecasts were not good.  The storm was going to merge right over the road I was on.  I was hoping I could find an exit prior to hitting the storm but there was nothing.  As I entered the western edge of Fargo ND, the storm intensified.  The lighting was everywhere, illuminating the entire horizon before me.

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Forecasters were calling for hail and even the possible tornado so I didn’t want to keep driving.  I pulled off the highway and into a large truck stop looking for some sort of shelter.  I found a small gap between two huge semi trucks and backed in.  I had hoped the trucks would offer some protection from the wind and weather.  They did just that.  When I got out to make sure my surfboards were tied down tight to the roof, it felt like I was in the eye of a hurricane.  The wind had died down and the lightning had intensified.  The storm was almost on top of me but still far enough that I could set up my GoPro Hero 4 to the roof.  The lightning was just too beautiful to miss.


Shortly after the last burst of lightning ripped through the pitch black sky the wind and rain was back.  I was parked between two semi trucks, somewhat shielded but not really.  I was a spectator in nature’s violent arena.  After a few hours of watching the storm pummel my truck, it finally moved on.  I was very fortunate the brunt of the storm hit just east of me.  I climbed out of the truck and into my Airstream.  I was too tired to go anywhere but bed.

Next Up… The Mitten


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