August 10,  2016

img_3314The sun was out and I was definitely not in the mountains anymore.  The air was dry and I felt like a brittle clay pot sitting in the kiln.  I drove about half way into the park on the bumpy broken roads and parked along side a large clay mound.  I grabbed my water and started hiking.  It reminded me of the Grand Canyon, when I was hiking out of the lower bowl.  While the trails here were not vertical, the sun still hit me hard.  After walking a couple of miles, I decided to turn back.  Such beautiful country.  The hills and ledges continued on for what appeared to be a hundred miles.  I was marveling at the thought while I wrung the sweat out of my soaked cotton shirt.  It was time to grab some lunch and then explore the rest of the park.



img_3317It was time to keep moving east.  I had a long drive ahead of me still and knew that I couldn’t spend the entire day exploring.  My plan was to get to Michigan by the 13th in order to stay with part of my family at a resort on Lake Michigan called The Homestead.

With such a long drive ahead over the next two days I decided to get as far as I could before pulling over to pass out.  Just had to pick up a few provisions from the ol’ town store before pulling the wagon out-of-town.










Next Up… The Perfect Storm











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