I know this is not recent but I found this on my hard drive as I was trying to clear some room for all the GoPro Video from my trip around the U.S.  It is a big file and will be transferring it to my storage drive and figured it was worth sharing.  It is one of my favorite prone paddles with my paddle crew back in Florida.

April 2016:  In between two storm fronts we set out for an epic downwind prone paddle from Passagrille Beach (S) to Treasure Island (N.) This paddle took me way out of my comfort zone and I must confess, scared me at first. But as I got more in tune with the board I was on, a ‘Bark 12′ stock’, I began pushing myself a little further. It ended up being a blast. I caught some awesome bumps about a mile and a half off-shore. The last leg of the trip was a little dicey as the next front had pushed in ahead of schedule, bringing with it; lightning, big waves and heavy winds. I will never forget this paddle. A special thank you to my crew for the support, encouragement and for pushing me out of my comfort zone.

Song: Secrets (Instrumental) Artist: Small Town Zero’s
Please follow the link below to purchase their song from iTunes!

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