Ok, so by now you have already read the “About Me” section (I hope) and you understand the ‘why I’m traveling.’  Now it is time to start getting into the ‘How’ I’m traveling.  First things first.

IMG_3349-The vehicle:  I decided that my Jeep Wrangler just was not up to the job of driving all over the country.  It was definitely not up to the challenge of towing something.  So after weeks of searching for the next vehicle and price shopping I found it.  I decided it was time to get back into a Ford F250 Diesel.  Towing?  Check.  I took all the equity I had in the jeep and used it as a down payment for the next rig.  Is it great to be back in a truck?  Yes it is.


-The plans:  This has been a lot of fun.  So where am I going?  What do I want to see first?  After a lot of research and thought, I decided the first trip has to be out to the west coast.  I have been to Washington once before but it was a long time ago now.  Its time to see the Pacific, by way of a few fun stops in between.  I invested in some travel maps, some books on the National Parks, and a few on some State Parks along the way.  The course is set.  Now I just have to book some sites and some tours.

-Ideas so far:  New Orleans, Austin, Carlsbad, Grand Canyon National Park, Vegas, Yosemite National Park, Los Angles, San Fransisco, The Rock, Redwoods National Forest, Mt Hood, Portland, Washington (yes the entire state)…. with more to come.   Ok at this point, I’m sure your thinking “right, why not just throw in the other 41 states while your at it.”  Sounds like this is shaping up into one of those “hey I’m going to do it someday” kind of trips.

Someday is July 7….

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