Sometime in March of 2015-

TI to Fort D

Having just purchased my new GoPro Hero 4, I was anxious to test it out. The weather and wind lined up a nice Downwind run from Treasure Island Beach to the bottom of Fort Desoto Park. After setting up a drop vehicle and returning to the starting point, my friend Marc Shen and I set off.

Warm ups prior to take off

After getting back on dry ground and loading up on some much-needed carbs I set out to learn the video editing program and pieced together the above video.  Not my best work by any means but a fun way to learn my way around the editing software.

Just like all the videos I make, I think choosing the music is almost as important as the content itself.  I do not take any credit for the songs used in my videos and encourage people to head over to iTunes and purchase the songs I use via the hyperlink below the videos.  I want the musicians to get the credit they deserve.

Song:  Renegade    Artist:  X Ambassadors    Purchase it on iTunes here:  Renegades

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